The birth team always consists of at least two people - at least one of whom is always a licensed midwife. We work as a team is to provide you with the best care possible, remembering that once baby is born there are two people who may need care and attention, so a minimum of two people would be necessary to ensure that this care can be provided.

Although there will always be two people at your birth, who those two are is up to you! If you bond with one person more than the other, you can always request that she be at your birth.


We believe strongly in the apprenticeship model of training future midwives and believe that book-learning is only the very beginning of what it takes to be a good midwife.

Students always act under the direct supervision of a licensed midwife. As students get close to licensure their skills increase and the amount of responsibility they may assume increase as well. We do our best to ensure that you are comfortable with the care you are being provided - and welcome feedback (positive and negative) regarding your care. If there is a student you do not bond with, she will not be at your birth. Likewise, if there is a student you feel very close and comfortable with, we can ensure that she will be at your birth.

Once a student has reached a certain level of training, she may even be prepared to provide the majority of your care (under the supervision of a licensed midwife, of course). If there is a senior student that you would like to provide the majority of your care, simply speak to the licensed midwife and she will make that happen for you. Keep in mind that all care provided by Nurturing Hearts Birth Services is under a midwife's supervision and she is ultimately responsible for all aspects of your care!


Oftentimes a birth will be attended by a "midwives assistant". If this is the case, she will be at your 30 week prenatal to give you a chance to get to know her, then will come to your 34 week home visit. She will come to your birth when we get close to meeting your baby and assist me as needed for the birth and the immediate postpartum period. I have several assistants that I choose from and do my best to pick one that I think will be the best for YOUR family as possible - but if, for any reason, you feel that the assistant is incompatible with your family, just let Stephanie know and a different assistant will be chosen.

Stephanie Soderblom, LM, CPM

Stephanie is a licensed midwife, wife and mother of five (the last 3 of whom were born at home). She began her career in 1995 and started as a certified doula, certified childbirth educator, and certified breastfeeding counselor before finally fulfilling her dream of becoming a midwife. She became a licensed midwife in the state of Arizona in 2008 and has been honored to have been serving families ever since.

"It is an honor every time I'm asked to care for a family through this most intimate time in their lives. I will always do my best to respect this sacred time and work with families to provide the best care I can in all capacities - medically as well as emotionally."