Welcome Earthside Baby Memphis!

All births are special…beautiful…sacred. However, while some bring a tear to your eye, others make you cry tears that seem to pour out from your soul. This was shared by the parents, Caitlin and Joe – it is the story of their first baby Memphis’ birth – he was born in the middle of a […]


There are a lot of common myths that I hear regularly as a midwife – common enough I thought I’d toss a blog post out addressing them! Some are funny, some have a basis in truth…but some can be dangerous. 1. PREGNANT WOMEN ARE FRAGILE AND NEED TO RESTRICT ACTIVITIES: Don’t run, don’t jump, don’t […]


If you are currently pregnant or have had a baby in the past….the word transition takes on a whole new meaning. For most women this is the ‘big scary’ – the part of the labor that so many women fear so deeply that they plan to offer up their veins and their spine to prevent […]


I know…there are “lies, damned lies, and statistics” (according to Mark Twain) and I have previously written a blog post about what is considered “low risk” vs “high risk” and statistics related to that.. But this blog post I want to get people thinking about what they read in a different and more critical way. […]


CNM vs CPM – is one better? I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts and Facebook messages and such lately being critical of non-nurse midwifery – and when I see the same topic over and over again it usually means I’m meant to write a blog post about it. First lets start with some […]

“At least you had a healthy baby….”

I need to write a blog about cesareans and disappointing birth experiences…but where to start? My mind goes crazy, racing to several different places and wondering where to start. I suppose I should start with myself since my personal experience came first in the line of stories I feel I need to share to illustrate […]

My Job?

Life and death. In good times my job is the most joyous…and in bad times it can truly suck. This morning I attended a beautiful birth in this family’s bedroom. Just 2 years prior I had attended the birth of their first baby, a daughter. With the rising of the sun, a baby (gender not […]

Prenatal Perineal Massage

I’ve been asked a few times lately during normal prenatal visits with clients as they get near term – usually first time parents, “So what do you think about perineal massage? And when do you think we should start it?” In case you don’t know what prenatal perineal massage is – it is using the […]

Welcome Earthside – Baby Violet!

Melissa was a first time mother who began seeing our practice very early in her pregnancy. She and her husband (a local police officer) took childbirth classes at our office, hired Rose Day to be their doula, checked off their birth supplies as they gathered them, and then waited patiently for their first baby, a […]

THE LITTLE STINKER! (Compound presentation – ouch!)

WARNING: Graphic photos to follow…..!!! I recently had the honor of attending an amazing first birth of a mommy and daddy who worked incredibly together for 2 days to bring forth their son. She was in labor for two full days, fighting for every step forward in her labor. She was a trooper and took […]