Elizabetta’s Birth (in the hospital)

Thank you to Megan DiFalco for sharing the original birth story (by allowing us to be there) as well as her written story of her first baby – a sweet little girl named Elizabetta that was born March 22, 2011 (Happy birthday sweetheart….!!) Enjoy her story in her own words! * * * * * […]

“Thank goodness I had a homebirth!”

Thank goodness I had a homebirth! My baby would have died if I’d given birth in a hospital!! Why don’t we hear women saying this? We often hear the opposite. Thank goodness their baby was born in a hospital because they needed a c-section and without that c-section their baby would have died. Their baby […]

The Best Thing About ‘BELLIES’

At Nurturing Hearts Birth Services (shortened down to NHBS to locals), there is a group that meets every other Tuesday evenings that we call the “Nurturing Bellies” group – a support group of sorts, but a social group of expectant and new mothers. It’s a sanctuary, an educational group, a free night out for some, […]

Being Vulnerable

I have never felt as lonely as I felt this past week. It’s nobody’s fault, and I have lots of people who would have LOVED to have helped if they were able to do anything to help! But at the end of the day (and at the end of the week), I felt very alone […]

2011 – my deepest thank you

Today, the last day of the year, is always my day of reflection. I look back at all of the births of the previous year – reliving the triumphs, double questioning the disappointments, always feeling infinitely grateful for having been a part of each of these families special days. And, as I did last year, […]

Holiday Midwife

There are times when I feel like my clients know me way better than they have any need to simply because of this blog of mine. And there are other times when I am baffled and want to say, “Um, have you not READ my blog?” even though I know that they have. We are […]

Karen’s Homebirth Experience

Karen had her first baby at a hospital and wanted something different for her second baby. She contacted NHBS and we fell in love with her immediately and were honored to be present when she birthed her second baby at home. This is her story in her words… (thank you, Karen, for sharing your story […]

Welcome Eliana! 10 pounds 10 ounces!

How do you put an experience that moves you to our soul…down in mere words?  How can I possibly convey the way my heart felt, the strength and power in the room, the atmosphere and the miracle that unfolded before my eyes? I can’t.  I have to accept that to move on with this blog […]

Magic Umbilical Cords

I am amazed by just about everything having to do with birth….mothers, the creation of babies from a sperm and egg, the childbirth process, the placenta, the umbilical cord… Aaahhhh….that umbilical cord. That magical connection that grows life. It filters, it provides, it knows when to start and it knows when baby no longer needs […]


There’s something special about a baby being born “in the caul”….meaning, the amniotic sac remains intact until baby is most or all of the way born. Cultures all around the world have things to say about babies born in the caul – all of them special and good! (babies will have a blessed life, they […]