My Midwifery Demon

Midwife – that word is one of the craziest words I know. What does it mean to be a midwife? I’ve written many blog posts about all of the blessings I feel having such an incredibly important responsibility as well as how I feel about the highest of compliments…the gift…the honor…of being asked to attend […]

A Midwife’s Husband

It’s 2:13am when my phone starts to ring. It only rings once before I have answered it, “Hello?” “Hi….it’s (husband of a client)….my wife is started having contractions a couple of hours ago and her water just broke.” It takes less than 7 minutes for me to ask the questions I need to ask (What […]

Birth as a Force of Nature – Kelli shares her homebirth

This is the every detail, bring you into the moment with me version of my birth story. If you just want the gist of it just look through the pictures and it goes like this. I chose a homebirth for safety reasons and deeply trusted my midwife’s skills. After 12 hours of rhythmic pre-labor felt […]

Melanie has a homebirth – for baby #2

  Melanie had a hospital birth for her first baby….but decided to try something different for her second – a homebirth with NHBS! Melanie’s birth story Here, Melanie shares her experience – including some beautiful pictures.  Here’s a preview… Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share via MySpace share via Reddit Share […]

Yani Shares: Two Hospital Births – One Homebirth

I give Stephanie Soderblom permission to share this and whatever pictures I have sent her on her blog. This is long and I’m sorry for that but I wanted to share my experience with hospital births to show how I came to decide on having a home birth. My first two births were in a […]

A Mother Shares a Prenatal Visit and Birth Story

Tracie Halliday is an extraordinary mother who invited us to assist her along the journey of her pregnancy back in 2010. Unknown to me, she blogged about her experience during a typical prenatal visit with us….. She shares in her own words what the prenatal care at NHBS is like…including pictures…. A TYPICAL PRENATAL VISIT […]

Lisa shares her birth of Everett

Stephanie, I would love for you to share Everett’s birth story in your blog. I originally started having contractions on Wed, March 9th. They were pretty easy and I could talk through them, so I went to work. We even went to our doula’s Bradley class that night for a refresher on signposts in labor […]

Missed it by THAT much! (Maylee’s birth)

Stephanie, I would love for you to use Maylee’s birth story on your blog! Amy In 2007 My husband and I lost our daughter Daisy (she was stillborn) and then had 2 years of infertility. It looked like our childbearing days might be over and I was so grateful to have my 2 older children. […]

Loss….and a blessing. Welcome Lilly!

The following birth story was written and shared by Katie Miller – an NHBS client who endured a devastating miscarriage followed by a triumphant pregnancy and birth. Thank you to the Miller family for sharing their story with all of us!! ********************* My husband, Jon, and I decided that we were ready to have kids […]

Left to cry….alone

My oldest child, my son, is turning 17 years old in just a couple of weeks. 17….unbelievable. How did that happen!? Little shrimpy 5’1” tall me, looking up at this looming 6’3” man who lives in my house and shares my name but isn’t my husband. Finally leaving his room at 10:30am on Saturday, he […]