Faces of Birth

The rising sun the powerful surge in a picture you can not see. The scent of birth the roar of mom A new life is set free. So much a pic can’t capture no matter how hard it tries – but a small glimmer can be seen if you look within their eyes.     […]

Finley’s Birth Story – challenges and triumphs

I have many birth stories on my blog…most of which were written from my point of view. That’s all fine and good, but as you know from reading my blog (I’m sure) – obviously I have a deep passion for what I do and that is going to skew my perspective in telling the stories. […]

I don’t empower my clients!

I just had a lovely 6-week postpartum visit (the final for this pregnancy) with a fantastic family whose first baby was born in a hospital – while this current little sweetheart she was nursing was born into a birthing pool in her bedroom. As we neared the end of the visit, we asked the question […]

Sierra shares: Birth Story of Monte

Montgomery Shane January 19th, 2013, 9:13am 7lbs 4oz 19 ½” I believe in love at first site. My second birth was vastly different from my first, which had involved multiple interventions (epidural, vacuum, episiotomy, manual extraction) and violated my birth plan in so many ways. With my first child I spent the entire pregnancy allowing […]

Arizona Newborn Screens (formerly PKU test)

There is a test that will be offered to your baby called the “Newborn Screen” – whether your baby is born at home or in a hospital or birthing center, this test will be offered to your baby. Some people mistakenly call it the “PKU test”….the reason that is a mistake is that PKU (phenylketonuria) […]

Clamping Umbilical Cords

Umbilical cords…most people know very little about them.  They probably know that they used to have one…and probably know that it made their belly button.  They may know that it was once attached to a placenta…but beyond that, most people can’t understand why I admire umbilical cords. Let me try and explain it to you. […]

AZ Midwives – Scope of Practice

Background: Arizona midwives are in transition right now – where the state of midwifery ends up at the end of this transition will affect thousands of mothers, fathers, and their babies for so many years to come. Arizona has had licensed midwives since 1978 (yes, they have only been legally recognized for 35 years) and […]

Thank you letter to 2012 babies!!

Welcome to the first year of 2013!! What a year we are wrapping up – ups and downs and all arounds it seems. I am so grateful to all of the babies who we have seen slip earthside and would like to take a moment to reflect on each baby’s unique story. Thank you to […]

My Midwifery Demon

Midwife – that word is one of the craziest words I know. What does it mean to be a midwife? I’ve written many blog posts about all of the blessings I feel having such an incredibly important responsibility as well as how I feel about the highest of compliments…the gift…the honor…of being asked to attend […]

A Midwife’s Husband

It’s 2:13am when my phone starts to ring. It only rings once before I have answered it, “Hello?” “Hi….it’s (husband of a client)….my wife is started having contractions a couple of hours ago and her water just broke.” It takes less than 7 minutes for me to ask the questions I need to ask (What […]