Thank You Card

I just got the BEST card in the mail – brought tears to my eyes!! It was from a previous client of mine who birthed her baby November 30th, 2009 – and it touched my heart so deeply that I’d love to share it…

Kami was pregnant with her 5th baby when she chose us to care for her. She had four small boys at home and had no desire to find out the gender of her baby before the birth. She had a beautiful birth in her bedroom with her oldest son cheering her on, “I see the baby, mama…you’re almost done mama….go, mama!” She had always been induced, always had her water broken artificially. She pushed her 10 pound baby out while sitting on our birth stool and, when she was ready, peeked between the baby’s legs and announced to the room that it was a girl. Her oldest son literally clapped and jumped up and down he was so excited. I left feeling truly blessed and lucky that I was allowed to enter this family’s life and witness such an incredibly beautiful event unfold.

7 months later…this is the card that I received…

“Dear Stephanie,
I am sorry it has taken me too long to send you Kaylee’s picture. I’ve wanted to express my gratitude to you, but have struggled with putting my feelings into words. Kaylee is almost 7 months old now, I need to at least try. As I have been sitting here thinking, I realized I am in exactly the place Kaylee was born. Incredible!

Kaylee’s birth and my pregnancy, as well, were one of the most miraculous, empowering, breath taking, beautiful, inspirational moments of my life!

Thank you for answering my questions, listening to my concerns lovingly and addressing them confidently and for helping me learn more and understand more about my body. Thank you for the love and care I felt for me, my family and our baby at each appointment. As our baby grew bigger I appreciated the time you would take to feel our baby’s position and to tell me how she was snuggled inside me. To be able to rub my belly and picture her position increased our bond even more and was a gift I treasured.

The joy I felt and feel looking back on Kaylee’s birth! To know I fulfilled the measure of my creation. To know I did what my body was created to do. I wish every woman could know who they are and what they are capable of! To go into labor on my own, to wake up early in the morning and realize my body had gone into labor. To wake up my husband and tell him it was time was a dream come true! My water broke on its own, at its own time, I pushed out a 10 pound baby without any difficulties, and to lift my baby to my chest, with my husband’s arms around me to look for myself and see that our baby was really a girl and to have my son there cheering and our other sons asleep but still surrounding us was in every cherished way unforgetable. Her birth strengthened the bond of our family. Her birth strengthened and empowered me.

Also, each person has their own beliefs, but I can’t end this letter to you without addressing the spiritual aspect of Kaylee’s birth. God is my Heavenly Father and you created an environment at her birth where I could focus on my relationship with Him. I had prayed and knew this was the path our family was to take for this birth. I was able to rely on Him. As Nathan and I labored together, we were able to turn to Heavenly Father to call on His help. To ask for His strength and support as we brought a new life into the world. My testimony of Him and His love for me increased and became even more strong and real as did my love and eternal appreciation to Him. And my love and admiration for my husband grew as I too turned to him. I feel in even more love for him as he sacrificed himself for me to hold me to lift me to help me as I sacrificed for our cherished baby. Thank you for not being invasive, not being obtrusive. Thank you for your quiet support and gentle guidance, for making this birth what it was. Thank you for being an answer to our prayers.
All my love,

baby Kaylee

Big brothers surround their sister

Great…now I have to go wipe the tears away AGAIN….haven’t I said I’m a lucky lucky person!!