11 pounds 8 ounces!!

Remember this disclaimer of my telling birth stories.

**WARNING: The following pictures are VERY graphic pictures of a baby being born! They are between the legs, nothing censored! :WARNING**

These pictures were given to me by the amazing mother so that I could share them with you. While I am keeping her anonymous, it’s impossible to keep her ENTIRELY anonymous since it’s really not that often that someone gives birth to an 11 pound 8 ounce baby – so simply saying that this is the birth of an eleven and a half pound baby is going to cause snickers and whispers of, “I know who that is!”

But I know that she is aware of them…and yet is still generous enough to allow these pictures to be shown publicly.

Her ‘story’ is actually pretty unremarkable and not much to be shared about it. This was mom’s 4th baby and all of her babies have been born at home! She labored after her water broke, began pushing in her own time, and gave birth on her bed in the side lying position to a gorgeous baby boy!

The only thing really remarkable about this birth…
1. even though she had a hind-leak (was leaking amniotic fluid), the baby’s head was born “in the caul”, meaning with membranes still encasing it.
2. the baby was 11.5 pounds!
3. Mom didn’t tear even a little bit

So here are her pictures….

Baby is crowning!! You can see the "bubble" of the amniotic sac still covering the head - that big white 'chunk' towards mom's front is a chunk of vernix - baby's natural lotion

Hands off! Mom's doula helps her with her leg...but other than that, nobody touches mom or baby!

and here comes the head!! I placed a chux pad over dad's lap so he doesn't get drenched in amniotic fluid. I still have not touched mom at all....

Head and anterior shoulder is out and I have my hands ready to help catch as dad is having trouble getting into position. You can see the umbilical cord wrapped loosely around.

What a cute baby boy!!! He doesn't look brand spankin' new, does he!