A 10 pound waterbirth!


I am eternally grateful that we have been given permission by the mother to share the following series of pictures! However, please be warned that the following pictures include graphic images of a baby’s crowning and birth!! Beautiful pictures…amazing pictures….but graphic nonetheless.

This little girl was her mama’s first born – born in her bedroom in a birth pool after a fairly fast labor and weighing in at 10 pounds even.

VERY soon after mom starts pushing, we see the baby's head peaking out.

Baby's crowning

Fully crowned

Mom feels the head as it slips out of her body

Head is out...we wait for her to feel the urge to birth the body

After the head is out, we waited for a minute and a half before she pushed…and mom pushed and baby didn’t come.  Mom pushed again, and baby didn’t birth.  I reached in and felt the shoulder and could feel it locked on the pubic bone – so I used 2 fingers and pushed the baby’s shoulder up and swept it around and past the pubic bone.

As the shoulders are born, dad reaches in to catch his baby...

I help keep the head from dropping back into the water as dad lifts her up and hands her to her mama

I feel the cord and baby's heartrate is slower than we want it to be. I unwrap it from the baby's foot and wait while mom loves on her baby and stimulates her. The blurring is from the vernix and amniotic fluid - I did not edit these picture in any way and this mother did not tear at all.

I monitor the baby's heartrate through the cord...which stayed in the 80-90 range and baby got 'dusky' in color as you can see in this picture. My apprentice got the oxygen ready, mom talked to her baby, I felt the heartrate return to normal and baby pinked right up. Apparently all she needed was her mama's voice! But can you imagine how different this could have been if we clamped and cut the cord right away? No thanks!

A perfectly pink baby just minutes later....gorgeous!