Two of my good friends are currently pregnant and due at the middle/end of this month!! Noelia Waldo (former midwifery student of mine at NHBS) and Rose Day (teaches the childbirth classes at NHBS, trains doulas/childbirth educators, as well as does belly casts).

I have known these women for years – so it was my honor to host their blessing way at my house this past Sunday.

Nikki Ausdemore (also a member of the NHBS team – she teaches along with Rose, and is also does our placenta encapsulation) and I organized the blessing way together. She was in charge of events – while I was in charge of the food.

And did I enjoy making the food!!!

Here is a picture of the cake that I made! It was the first time I had ever worked with fondant, and I even made this fondant from scratch! The cake underneath is a rich chocolate cake with a creamy cheesecake filling. The “henna” piped on is a chocolate frosting mixed with blue food coloring to turn it black.

We were all asked to bring a poem to share with the expectant mommies….either write one ourselves or find an inspirational poem online….that would be gathered and put into an album with photos from the blessing way as a keepsakes. As you can see, the mood got quite – emotional.

Noelia crying while listening to the poetry and getting her henna tattoo

It doesn’t look like it…but I swear, this is what we call fun!!

Rose listens to the poems and we all are crying

Jenny, our chiropractor, also happens to be pregnant with her first baby – here she is trying to get through a very personal and emotional poem reading.

Jenny reading her poem

I wrote a poem from my heart for each of my friends – these are the poems that I wrote for each of them.


As the sun rises to the new day
A golden glow is cast about the room
In the breaking of the early dawn
They know it will be soon
Her belly tightens strongly
As moments blend with hours
She dances with her baby
As she gathers all her powers
She floats through sensations
The water in the pool surrounds
In the safety of her bedroom
There’s a melody to her sounds.
She calls out, we gather around
A baby is about to be born
A peace settles around them
Through the stillness of the morn
A final push and her task is complete
The baby blinks his eyes
The mother cradles him in her arms
As she hears his newborn cries
Siblings are happy to meet their brother
They waited for so long
They welcome him with sloppy kisses
Their love for him is strong
Mom and dad snuggle into bed
With all four kids it’s tight
They smile together, their family complete
And everything’s just right.

* * * * * * * * *


God spoke to a woman and said,
“Look at this meadow at all that I have made!
Buzzing bees, a winding creek, and blossoming flowers
In colors that never fade!
There’s fruit ripening on the trees
As they reach towards the sky
And deer that come to graze on grass
While a chipmunk scurries by.
A cocoon hangs by a thread
From a branch that holds it strong
And wriggles as the butterfly breaks free
And joins the meadow where she belongs.
See the perfection contained right here
Within the little space
All of this beauty is my proof to you
of my love and grace.”

A woman spoke to God and said,
“Look at this family and all that we have made!
A warm home, laughing children, a mom and dad
With a love that never fades!
The fruit in my belly ripens
As I look towards the sky
I feel the gentle nudging of the baby
As my children scurry by
My womb trembles and tightens
As contractions hold her strong
Soon the baby will wriggle free
And joins the family where she belongs.
See the perfection contained right here
Within this little space
For nothing is as graced by You
As a newborn baby’s face.”

God smiled with pride
As he knew His love was understood
Soon He would watch as she nursed her baby
And He knew it all was good.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Noelia and Rose got a gift of Henna tattoos from the NHBS henna artist, Shireen Wahid. She is so talented.

Shireen giving Noelia her henna tattoo

Noelia and her henna

Rose with her henna

Noelia and Rose show off their beautiful bellies

We also did the ceremonial passing of the candles – I will explain in a moment what I mean by that. While I WISH BEYOND WORDS that I had gotten a picture of it….I didn’t, and I’m beating myself up for it.

Several years ago, I was honored to be able to witness my beautiful friend, Jen Bass, birth her first son, Liam, into her bathtub by the warm glow of candlelight. Two candles, identical maroon pillar candles, were the only light available when he entered into this world. She felt so good about her experience with that birth, that at the blessing way of Rose Day when she was pregnant with William (her now 2 year old!), Jen presented her with the candles to burn during her birth – which she did! And the candles have been passed, from mom to mom, with a tag that each mother has signed her name to after her baby was born. The tag shows that these specific birthing candles have been burned at the births of…

Jen and her baby Liam
Rose and her baby William
Michelle and her baby Christian
Jennifer and her baby Christian (VBAC)
MYSELF and my baby Kasey
Nancy and her baby boy Cole (VBAC)
Nikki and her baby Emily (VBA3C)
Jen and her baby Oliver

The candles had come full circle!! At this week’s blessing way, one candle was presented from Jen to Rose (as happened 2 years ago), and one candle was presented to Noelia. It’s a very emotional tradition – yes, I cried when I wrote my name and my baby Kasey’s name down on that tag! It’s a bond of childbirth that is shared among those who are on the tag. Of all of the blessing way traditions….the bead ceremonies, the poem reading, etc etc….of all of the blessing ways I have been a part of, THIS is the tradition that I think invokes the most sentimental emotion for I think it’s symbolizes the POINT of the blessing way – the sisterhood we share and the bond that is created through our mutual experiences of having our babies.

It was a beautiful day!!!