When it comes to your birth: What is important to you?

I ask because I have heard story after story after story throughout the last 15 years I’ve been in the birthing field/community, and I have found that the answer isn’t always what you would think. I’ve seen people whose passion lies with breastfeeding, others who have a passion with the subject of circumcision, and still others with unmedicated births.

I’ve heard the tagline, “healthy mom and healthy baby…that’s all that’s important!” – and yet I’ve seen those same people hire an OB without asking about their cesarean rates, plan a hospital birth without investigating the intervention rates in that hospital, and plan for a birth with barely reading a book more yet taking a class. They talk about it being “all about safety” but then make decisions without investigating what is actually safest for them!

I’ve seen midwives blog passionately about unassisted births, doulas blog about their passion for unmedicated births, lactation consultants who write daily about the plight of breastfeeding in this country and how horrible formula is.

I realized that most of us have a passion – spanking, schooling options, birth place options, cord clamping, episiotomies, cosleeping, VBAC’s…there is something that will usually make you sit up and say, “THAT! I have a lot to say on THAT subject!!”

It got me thinking about myself and my passions. I feel strongly in respecting womens’ right to choose for themselves when it comes to birth. I try and give every single one of my clients love and respect and treat them the way that I would want to be treated. My passion is respect for my clients and I do everything I can to be as respectful as I can be.

So what is your passion? Is it for the baby? The mother? What is the subject that, when it comes up, makes you sit up and HAVE to say something – and why?


  1. Ayshah wrote:

    Great question Stephanie! My passion lies in awakening other women to discover their own inner strengths through the natural birth process and reconnecting them with their unique power as females. When I hear or see women willingly hand over their bodies to the medical institution without being armed with the right information I feel like it is my duty as a woman to bring her attention to the pitfalls of that system and hope that some additional information might empower her to reconsider her choices or at least become a better advocate for her own birth experience. My true passion lies in the age-old wisdom of the female body and the strong matriarchal bonds that have been forged between women in all different cultures around the world over the birthing of babies. Nothing can be more revealing about the collaborative, tribal legacy of the human species than the human birth process because it is at once so rooted in our biology but also highly dependent on our innate abilities as human beings toward social bonding and cooperative learning to really work effectively; in that sense birthing is like a window into the human female mind, body and spirit. Birth is a like a rite of passage and I believe it serves to teach a woman a lot about herself before taking on the enormous responsibility of mothering so circumventing this process has serious implications for the future of our species and the dynamic between our future mothers and ther children. I am definitely passionate about discussing that!

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  2. Just looking at this in the last day, it’s funny you should ask. I sometimes feel like a One Hit Wonder… writing about the same topics over and over: My strong feelings against UC, Gestational Diabetes and ethics in midwifery tend to be my top three blog posts/LOUD comments. I seem to be picking up the VBAC fight, too, but that might be an undertone phase… we shall see.

    I laughingly said tonight that I need to read more.

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  3. Amy Drorbaugh wrote:

    My hackles seem to rise the most when a woman tells me she really wants a natural birth, but is delivering at a hospital with an OB. In the past I have spent a whole party sitting with a woman who was due in a couple days, trying to fill her head with knowledge enough to give her a shot at a natural birth. I just want to wrap my arms around her and protect her from everything, so she can have the birth she wants.

    Hmmm…maybe I should look into doula trsining, huh?

    I’m also passionate about homeschooling, but don’t get me started on that! LOL

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  4. Andra B wrote:

    Being a first time mother at about 39 weeks, I am relatively new to the entire baby making process (at least the parts that come after conception. Haha.).

    The first half (and then some) of the pregnancy, I obediently listened to my OB and was well on my way to accepting the medicinal/hospital model of care – until I started doing a little more research and realized there were options out there that “they” don’t tell you about for whatever reason, and that these “alternative” options aligned so much more with what I wanted – the things I never KNEW I always wanted – from my pregnancy and birth experience.

    I would say that my passion now is letting other women, from first time mothers to those who are scheduling their 3rd C section, that there ARE options. And you have a right to seek them out.

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  5. Rebekah C wrote:

    LOL, oh my goodness! How would I even start to cover this one?

    I feel passionate about the birthing experience for both the mother AND her child. I firmly believe that it MATTERS. (I even wrote a lil rant about it:

    I am absolutely passionate about the autonomy of the birthing mother. Let’s trust our women (maybe doing so will encourage them to seek the knowledge they need, eh?)

    I feel very strongly about breastfeeding.

    I’m passionately anti-circ, though this was a long, long journey and my passion isn’t cruel.

    I feel strongly about maintaining a strong family.

    I feel very passionate indeed about treating my children like PEOPLE and not dogs that need to be *trained*.

    I’m a red-head, for heaven’s sakes, lol, I could go on all day!

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  6. Miranda wrote:

    Im passionate about many things. Right now I’m especially hung up on my birthing rights. I don’t want drugs, I don’t want to lie down while giving birth, I don’t even want my doctor there. The only reason I’m going to a hospital is because my husband won’t let me give birth at home. He doesn’t even know I want to do it unassisted. So I’m passionate about women being able to give birth however, and wherever they want to, and nobody, not even the baby’s father, can make you do otherwise or give you any lip/make you feel bad. (“Oh, don’t you want what’s best for the baby? What if something goes wrong?”) Eff you.

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