When it comes to your birth: What is important to you?

I ask because I have heard story after story after story throughout the last 15 years I’ve been in the birthing field/community, and I have found that the answer isn’t always what you would think. I’ve seen people whose passion lies with breastfeeding, others who have a passion with the subject of circumcision, and still others with unmedicated births.

I’ve heard the tagline, “healthy mom and healthy baby…that’s all that’s important!” – and yet I’ve seen those same people hire an OB without asking about their cesarean rates, plan a hospital birth without investigating the intervention rates in that hospital, and plan for a birth with barely reading a book more yet taking a class. They talk about it being “all about safety” but then make decisions without investigating what is actually safest for them!

I’ve seen midwives blog passionately about unassisted births, doulas blog about their passion for unmedicated births, lactation consultants who write daily about the plight of breastfeeding in this country and how horrible formula is.

I realized that most of us have a passion – spanking, schooling options, birth place options, cord clamping, episiotomies, cosleeping, VBAC’s…there is something that will usually make you sit up and say, “THAT! I have a lot to say on THAT subject!!”

It got me thinking about myself and my passions. I feel strongly in respecting womens’ right to choose for themselves when it comes to birth. I try and give every single one of my clients love and respect and treat them the way that I would want to be treated. My passion is respect for my clients and I do everything I can to be as respectful as I can be.

So what is your passion? Is it for the baby? The mother? What is the subject that, when it comes up, makes you sit up and HAVE to say something – and why?