Welcome back….

I’m baaaaack!!!

After many years of keeping quiet and to myself, I’ve decided to once again share my thoughts and experiences and let you all look through the window that is my world. I am returning to what my blog was originally – a place to share my midwifery birth stories (ALWAYS with explicit permission from the parents) as well as insights into the midwifery world.

When I hike with friends, we are usually watching the path before us as we talk and it often leads to more insightful and honest conversations because we aren’t requiring eye contact and are speaking as much to the universe as to each other. When I was originally writing in my blog I always envisioned that I was hiking with a dear friend and speaking my truth while we walked through the woods on a secluded path. An intimate look into my heart as I feel the leaves crunch beneath my feet, speaking as much to nobody as to everybody.

I am hoping that we can pick back up our hike….there’s a lot more paths before us to explore and I’ve missed sharing them with you.

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