Faces of Birth

The rising sun
the powerful surge
in a picture you can not see.
The scent of birth
the roar of mom
A new life is set free.

So much a pic can’t capture
no matter how hard it tries –
but a small glimmer can be seen
if you look within their eyes.



1A dad is born and gazes upon
the baby that he just caught.
Nothing else exists in his world-
in a moment all else forgot.
He falls in love just like before
on the day he met his wife
and praises the Lord with gratitude
for this family that’s now his life.




A mother sobs and holds tight
to the baby against her breast.
All those months of waiting
and today she was blessed.
She looks at the perfection
of every finger and hair
and wonders how she ever lived
before her babe was there.


4A daughter opens her eyes to the bright
and she hears her mother’s heart.
A cough and a blink lets everyone know
she’s good from the start.
Looking around, she wonders what
the fuss is all about.
She feels the love, she knows she’s safe
in her soul she has no doubt.
When she’s ready, she gives a call
And here comes a milky breast.
She latches on and looks at mom
she has no other request.
She knows of no sadness or worry
no fears, or loneliness, or pains.
Just milk, love, and peaceful beginnings
and here is where she remains.