Missed it by THAT much! (Maylee’s birth)

Stephanie, I would love for you to use Maylee’s birth story on your blog! Amy

In 2007 My husband and I lost our daughter Daisy (she was stillborn) and then had 2 years of infertility. It looked like our childbearing days might be over and I was so grateful to have my 2 older children. Then miraculously the month after we stopped fertility treatments we got pregnant with our daughter. Because of our fear after our previous loss we saw an CNM for the first 30 weeks of the pregnancy. But as we got closer and closer to our due date we started worrying about how far away we were from the hospital (45 minutes) and how short my last labor was (4 hours). Plus after 2 natural labors we didn’t feel like we needed to be in a hospital setting and we were both tired of having to fight hospital policy the whole time we were there. So we decided on a homebirth and at 31 weeks transferred to Stephanie’s care. (My only regret with that whole pregnancy was that we only got to be with Stephanie for 8 weeks).

I was 39 weeks and had been having mild painless contractions for weeks. I noticed more consistent contractions on Dec 1st in the afternoon but they didn’t seem particularly strong even if they were fairly regular. We had alerted Stephanie but finally at 11 we called her and told her we were going to bed because we wanted to try and get some sleep. We got into bed around midnight and I fell asleep pretty quickly.

I woke up at 245 am, for the half-hour before that I was rolling over every couple of minutes (I realized looking back that I rolled over every time I had a contraction) with contractions I couldn’t sleep through, mostly in my back. Not painful, but uncomfortable. I woke David up and told him to call everybody to come over as soon as possible, then I got into the bathtub. David ran around our room setting everything up for the birth, calling Stephanie, my mom, my sister, and his mom. He put on my hypnobirthing music, made up our bed and turned off the bathroom light. We had just the light from our closet on and it was so dark, quiet and peaceful. I had 2 contractions in the tub, strong but still not painful, and then my water broke and the very next contraction I started to feel kind of pushy. I told David to call Stephanie back and tell her to hurry. Then I grabbed David’s hand and wouldn’t let him leave the bathroom. In the very next contraction I felt her move down and crown, I was panting and blowing trying not to push her out too fast. I was also applying pressure to my perineum because I was determined not to tear like I had with my other two. And then her head was out, I had my eyes squeezed tightly shut trying to concentrate on not pushing her out too fast but I remember David saying, “She’s beautiful, a full head of dark hair.”

Amy just birthed her baby into her own hands!!!

With the next contraction I pushed her body out into the bath water and then reached down to pull her up out of the water and laid her on my chest. David covered us with a towel to keep us warm. We called Stephanie back to let her know the baby had been born and she gave David some instructions in case the placenta came out before she got there. Baby and I just snuggled in the bathtub and stared at each other. She was so awake and super calm, just looking around at everything. David woke up our 7 and 5 year old so they could meet their new sister. Emma was excited and had lots of questions, she was so disappointed she had missed the birth. Eli took one look and said, “That’s nice, can I go back to bed now?”

Stephanie gets a cuddle with little Maylee

About this time Stephanie got there (also disappointed that she had missed the birth) and she helped me get out of the tub and over to the bed. She helped us to deliver the placenta and then bagged it for me to be encapsulated (most awesome thing ever!) then did the newborn screen, and checked me for tears (none! thank you warm water). Then my mom showed up (also disappointed) and a little bit later my younger sister got there too. Stephanie sang to Maylee and gave her her special hat and the cleaned up and left us all snuggled into bed. I woke up at 245 am and Maylee was born at 318 am, just 33 minutes later. If we had planned on a hospital birth she would have been born on the side of a freeway in our tiny Hyundai in 20 degree weather.

Maylee getting fully checked out a couple of hours after she was born

Maylee Joann Drorbaugh
Dec 2, 2009 3:18 am
7lbs 20 inches

What I love about homebirth: when I realized I was in labor all I had to worry about was getting in the tub, no driving, packing, arranging for babysitting, ect. I got to deliver in the water, it was heavenly. It was peaceful and quiet, no bright lights or tons of people in and out of the room. Just 3 hours after her birth the whole family was back in bed and quietly sleeping in our own beds. Stephanie came back several times the first week to check on us. The level of care you get with a midwife is amazing. We didn’t plan on delivering at home by ourselves but we never felt a moment of panic, we felt so prepared and ready for what was happening. In the end it was such a beautiful moment with me holding our brand-new baby and my husband kneeling next to the bathtub in the dim light, one I would never change. I sincerely hope to have another homebirth someday.

Daddy and Maylee get some rest after a long night


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