Elizabetta’s Birth (in the hospital)

Thank you to Megan DiFalco for sharing the original birth story (by allowing us to be there) as well as her written story of her first baby – a sweet little girl named Elizabetta that was born March 22, 2011 (Happy birthday sweetheart….!!)

Enjoy her story in her own words!

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Wow I can’t believe that exactly one year ago I was in labor, It is the weirdest concept to absorb. Anyhow, I am going to try and write down as much as I can remember.

Friday March 18th 2011, sometime around 7pm or so I had a random spasm in my back. This was odd so I ignored it and then 15ish minutes later I had another one and this pattern continued for about 3 hours. I was 42 weeks pregnant exactly and in the weeks previous I felt contractions that always petered out so I thought I would test these ones. So I took a nap and much to my surprise I woke up with a contraction at 11:45ish pm. I told my husband and we then preceded to bed thinking that if this is really labor I will need some sleep. i think we accomplished another 2 hours and then things picked up. Contractions every 3-5minutes at about a minute long and not stopping. Cool right we think baby is gonna be here soon….Ha! So at 5 in the am we text Stephanie, Jen, and Crystal to give the heads up. We also asked Crystal to come over. We set up the birth tub and I settled in super excited about the whole thing.

Commentary note: All these contractions are in my back and hips which are not comfy and completely out of sync with what I thought a contraction should feel like. Also I am a vocalizer so just a lot of moaning going on. Dan said it was exhausting.

Saturday March 19th. I am hanging in the tub Crystal and Dan by my side. Being wonderful and supportive. Things are still going at 3-5mins and 1min-ish long. This goes on for a while, I think Jen and Stephanie got there about 7. So they set up and check me. Betty and I are doing great and just laboring away. Sometime later that morning, I ask for an internal to check whats going on. I’m a stinking 2cm. Labor continues for a few more hours and ask for another internal…still a 2. So being the way I am and not wanting to interfere with my lovely birth team’s day, we send them home to be with their families. Dan and I continue to work all day and ask the team to come back that evening. Exam=2cm, Jen says “but you know this don’t you?” and I respond “yes, I was just hoping for more”(or something to that effect). Stephanie suggests that I try to get some sleep so I take the only we have which is Excedrin pm. She also suggests that they pack up so that I won’t feel any pressure to hurry up (which I did but only because I was hoping for a butter birth). They pack up and I move to the bed and the contractions slow. Crystal helped Dan clean up and drain the tub a bit and left sometime after the contractions slowed. I slept between contractions but still woke up and vocalized through them every time. This goes on all night.

Sunday March 20th. Still in labor. (This is where I start to get fuzzy on details so forgive me) Sometime in the late morning Stephanie, Jen, and Crystal come by. I get checked, Betty sounds great and I am at a 3cm. Wooo! Contractions back to 5 minutes apart. Now we try something to speed things up. Enter the cohoshes(we had these handy and though I don’t think I ever told Stephanie we had tried these before to jump start labor in the weeks preceding). We also try walking up and down the hall and a meal because so far all I had eaten was part of a Luna bar and as much powerade as Crystal could get me to drink. The team goes back home and we go for a walk along the channel behind our apartment. Around 7pm Stephanie comes by to see whats going on. I think I was a 4 maybe. We try stripping my membranes and leaves to let that take effect. Around 10pm Stephanie comes back and checks me…5cm!!!!!(we are really moving now!). We call the team back. I get in the tub, later I get out of tub and move to the recliner and catch the fire dance from Labrinyth with the birth team. I remember Stephanie knitting Betty’s hat during the rest of the movie.

Monday March 21st. So its about 2am, I am still a 5cm. so we try sleeping with the Excedrin again and the team goes home. The pattern continues the contractions slow some but I am still waking up with each one. So is Dan since I moan during the contractions. I will say my husband is incredibly sweet and slept on the couch next to the recliner where I was trying to sleep. Sometime around 9am Dan and I get up and I immediately head to our regular bath tub to have a soak. We start talking about whats going on and the possibilities of a hospital transfer. I am so not happy about it because I had been dreaming about my home birth and working to make it a reality. At the time a transfer was like admitting defeat instead of asking for help. So finally we make a decision that with as little sleep as I was getting and as little progress as I was making that we should ask Stephanie about a transfer. The team comes by around noon we ask about the hospital and Stephanie said “That’s what I was going to suggest”. She calls Ramona from Bajoom and we head off to Chandler Regional about 2pm. Poor Dan was scrambling to put together a hospital bag because we never thought we would need one. We get to the hospital and the nurse asks what I would like to do for the pain. I still have a hard time with this but I asked for an epidural. We get to the room, set me up with an IV Stephanie and Jen head out but Crystal stayed. I can still see Crystal trying to be as inconspicuous as possible when they were putting in the epidural, originally they said she would have to step outside for it. Man was I glad she was there though because she was my focal point for that. I had some wonderful nurses at the hospital, okay the first one was awesome the second I could have lived with out. I have to admit that the epidural was wonderful given that I had been in labor for close to 3days. I got some sleep, so did Dan and Crystal. Later Dr. Kells came in waving the C-section guns. Dan put him in his place with “And what data is leading you to that conclusion?” Dr. Kells said something about me being at 42wks and such a long labor. He was also shut down when he tried to break my water. I love my hunny and my doula for that. During an internal with Ramona around 8pm my water did break and that was around 7cm. They set me up with a wafter of pitocin and things started rolling. About 11pm I was a 9 and Crystal asked Stephanie and Jen to come to the hospital.

Tuesday March 22nd. Just after Stephanie and Jen arrived, I was a 10 and I decided I was done. I just wanted to quit. They asked if I just wanted to go home and take some Excedrin to which I replied “Yes” to this day its still amazed my husband just how serious I was about that. So I labored down for a while and shortly after 1am I felt pushy. The epidural had worn down some so I could feel that at least. Everyone tried to coach me through pushing including the nurse who insisted that my hands had to be behind my knees for some reason. I let her know in a not nice manner of labor land that “YOUR WAY IS NOT WORKING”. She stopped trying to help after that. After 40 or so minutes of pushing Betty was born at 2:04am, the cord was looped 2x on her neck but that’s a no biggie. I had 2 tiny tears, one inside and one up top by the pubic bone. Betty was born with a 50cent sized bruised flat spot on her left parietal bone. That is where she was hung up for so long. she was 8lbs 14oz.

I want to Thank my birth team you were amazing. I love you all and can still see your faces helping me push and talking me through it.

Note to Stephanie: you are welcome to use this as a blog post. if not let me know so i can make it public on my own. Not going to lie though I would love it if it was a blog post. 🙂