DAY 2 – do midwives have a life?

Yesterday I wrote my “welcome” message for my blog…and as I read it over today and considered what I wanted my blog to be about, I was struck by the line at the end that I, myself, wrote…” I don’t know how many entries will be professional, how many will be personal…”

Why did that line stand out to me so much? Because as I read that line only a day after writing it, something about it was eating at me. Professional or personal? How could I possibly write a “professional” blog? My business IS personal to me! Everything I do as a midwife – I take it very personally.

So what will this blog be about? How about the life of a midwife? How does my family handle living with a midwife? (let us just be realistic here – it wasn’t just me that became a midwife. We are a midwifery family. Without the understanding, support, and help from my husband and children – I COULD NOT DO THIS JOB!) Birth experiences from my point of view (which I hope takes nothing away from the amazing families that allow me the honor of caring for them through the most incredible times of their lives), the practical ins and outs of being a midwife, my opinions and rants on different controversial elements of pregnancy and birth….

So tonight, at 11:30pm, I’m writing in this blog, staring at the schedule at a very busy day of prenatals, interviews, and postpartum visits tomorrow only to be followed by the East Valley Phoenix Birth Circle meeting (which I always look forward to!). I am thinking about the two women that I have who are expecting to have their babies at any moment (and the two others that are what we call “in the window”), wondering if tonight will be the night I get the call or if possibly I will need to reschedule all of those numerous appointments tomorrow because I’m at a birth – preparing to go to bed.

Thus is the beginning of the life of a midwife. Stick around…the life of a midwife (at least this midwife) rarely seems boring.