Welcome Earthside Baby Memphis!

All births are special…beautiful…sacred. However, while some bring a tear to your eye, others make you cry tears that seem to pour out from your soul.

This was shared by the parents, Caitlin and Joe – it is the story of their first baby Memphis’ birth – he was born in the middle of a beautiful day on October 10th, 2011. Caitlin and Joe are a super fun couple who I fell in love with immediately. She is absolutely GLORIOUSLY beautiful, radiating throughout her pregnancy. She has a spunk and zest for life that draws you to her like a magnet and makes you smile no matter what is going on with your day. He is as hot as can be and equally as goofy and fun – they are absolutely perfect for each other!  They created a super cute baby boy named Memphis who came into the world weighing 8 pounds 7 ounces!  Well done Caitlin!!

I got a call late on the afternoon on a Sunday that Caitlin’s water had broken. After the usual questions (yes, it is clear…baby is moving…all is well), they decided to try and rest and wait for things to happen.

They didn’t have to wait long and by midnight Caitlin was starting to having to work through her contractions. She worked throughout the night, looking incredibly peaceful, with Joe by her side every second. She surrendered to every step as it came, rocking her hips and floating in the birthing pool.

Her body began pushing and she followed its lead. Instinctive, primal, and (in the words of her husband) a complete BADASS….we soon began to see the baby’s head.

The following are the beautiful pictures that we took for her. The team of players are as follows…
Caitlin = mother!
Joe = father!
Julie = her friend who was her doula throughout the night but was devastated when she had to leave 4 hours before the baby was born.
Jen = her midwife (a senior student at NHBS – this was almost her final birth before sitting for her boards to receive her midwifery license)
Crystal = Jen’s assistant (a sophomore student at NHBS who, incidentally, is due to have her own baby in just 2 months!)
Stephanie = supervising midwife (who you will not see as she took all of these pictures)

Now sit back and get ready to cry at the beauty and inspiration of these pictures!!


Caitlin labors throughout the night with Joe right by her side!



Caitlin laughs with her support team - left to right is Caitlin, Julie, Crystal (listening to the baby's heartbeat) and Jen



As things become intense, they work as a team...rolling through labor together.



Can you believe this is right before pushing!!!!



Caitlin is pushing now as Crystal listens to the baby's heartbeat. Things are getting intense now....



Our first peek at baby's head!! GO CAITLIN...GO!!!



Joe moves into position to catch his son while Jen watches closely.



"Oh my God!" Joe says as Caitlin pushes again, "I feel him coming..you're doing it!"



Head is almost out....Caitlin slows down her pushes and her body eases their baby out slowly....



Easing the head out...into her husband's waiting hands....



Caitlin looks at her baby while waiting for the next (and last) push....Jen listens to the baby's heart rate one last time.






Together they hold their baby while Caitlin gives a final push....



Here he comes!!



He's here! Memphis is here!! Joe lifts him up and out of the water....



...and hands him to his mother.



This is one of my FAVORITE pictures as it captures the transformation from woman to mother...how overwhelming it can be for dad....the love and emotions exploding in the room!!! THIS is birth!!



Dad QUICKLY dashes around the tub to embrace his wife....they are now a family! Another AMAZINGLY beautiful picture!



Beautiful...simply beautiful.



Baby peeks at me taking their picture as if to say, "Yeah...I'm here...so what! Stop taking my picture!"



A BRAND NEW MEMPHIS!! He is about 5 minutes old here....so stinkin' cute!!!


Thank you thank you thank you to Caitlin and Joe for allowing us to share their most incredible photos….inspirational, soul-touching….amazing.  Happy birthday, Memphis!!