THE LITTLE STINKER! (Compound presentation – ouch!)

WARNING: Graphic photos to follow…..!!!

I recently had the honor of attending an amazing first birth of a mommy and daddy who worked incredibly together for 2 days to bring forth their son. She was in labor for two full days, fighting for every step forward in her labor. She was a trooper and took things as they came, holding strong against the challenges.

It wasn’t until the head was being birthed that we found out exactly why – and I actually said out loud, “You little stinker!” The baby had been sucking on his arm while inside his womb (he had a suck blister on the forearm)…and in doing so had gotten his little hand caught up beside his head!! Usually we will see what we call a “nuchal hand” (meaning hand tucked up beside their neck), but this is slightly different. His hand actually birthed with his head – which not only made birthing the baby more challenging, but tipped this little fella’s head over to the side slightly (we call that asynclitic).

To get an idea of what this little man did…try and suck on your left forearm as close to your elbow as you can. See your hand floating up by your head? Good…now move your hand up by your temple. See how your head is now tilted so your left ear is closer to your left shoulder? YUP….now you see why I called him a little stinker!!

She got some fantastic pictures of her labor as well (she looks like a beautiful birthing warrior), but of her respect for her privacy I can’t show those as she requested that I keep photos showing her identity be kept separate from those showing the birth.

And thank you to the mom for allowing us the ability to share these pictures!!!

Mom is pushing on the birthing stool. We listen continuously to the baby's heartbeat with our doppler as they are dipping dangerously low and we encourage mom to push.

Here comes the head...and this is where I felt the fingers and said, "You little stinker!"

SEE THE HAND? it was actually up on the head a little more than it even looks in this picture.

The hand swept around baby's face and then slipped out so that the back shoulder was birthed first. The blood is from a tear mom endured during the birth.

And here he in his mother's arms. The umbilical cord did its job and despite his very low heart tones he did not need rescusitation. That poor squished face with swollen caput off-centered on the top of his head was all temporary - in 2 hours we marvelled at how different he already looked.