I have the coolest clients and community around me. That is a fact – don’t try and argue this point as I don’t care WHAT you say, I know it’s true – I have the most amazing clients and professionals around me! So there! WHY do I have the privilege of having the community around me that I am blessed to have?

Stephanie and Jennifer are swimming in some of our NHBS babies!

I have watched the way my practice and those around me have evolved over the last few years – and have noticed a trend that thrills me beyond words (but I will try to use them to share what is in my heart). When I first started planning my midwifery practice, I thought about how I would gather my resource lists and referrals to give to my clients for complimentary services as needed (chiropractic, massage therapy, childbirth classes, etc). Then I met an incredible chiropractor that shifted my vision in ways I don’t even think she realizes! Dr Jenny Dubisar-Brost is a family chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy. She is certified in the Webster’s Technique (which helps babies be in the best position for birth possible) and had the most incredible personality and passion for pregnancy…something that made me love her instantly.

As I grew to respect Dr Jenny (as she likes to be called), I asked her if she would want to maybe spend one day a week working out of my office, helping my clients as well as anyone else in the area she wanted to see. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was like asking someone to marry you…it’s a bigger deal than you often can appreciate in that moment. She asked me how much I would charge, and I said NOTHING, I thought she would be a huge benefit for my clients! She insisted on adjusting me weekly for payment, which was fantastic for me and ultimately very generous on her part! To my delight she said yes and began doing adjustments out of my dinky little run down and old office.

That is when the magic started! A light bulb went off in my mind as I saw the benefit of working ‘together’ in the same place. Clients of mine started booking appointments with me and her back-to-back so that they would only have to travel to my office one time. It was a beautiful thing and sparked a vision that brings tears to my eyes as I look at my current situation and realize my dream has come true. My vision: Gather professionals which are TOP NOTCH who all share a vision of helping families – gather them into one place!

Enter our childbirth educators, Rose Day and Noelia Waldo….teaching childbirth classes in the conference room upstairs in the “new” office (where we have been for 3 years – a beautifully spacious office graced with an enormous “climbing tree” in the front yard. You have to know what the Phoenix area is like to truly appreciate such a glorious tree in front of our office!) Rose and Noelia offer their students quality childbirth education taught with passion and fun! Like Dr Jenny, they see not just my clients but anyone who desires quality care…..but it’s also convenient for my clients to be able to see me and then head upstairs for their childbirth classes. Rose introduced me to her husband, Brig, who soon-after started teaching our Dad’s class…perfect!

Then came the massage therapist, Amy Hatch…otherwise known in my heart as “magic hands Amy” – oh how much a good massage can help with that backache or that swelling in pregnancy! There’s an esthetician, Kate Burns, who helps treat conditions like, “the mask of pregnancy” and makes you feel like a queen.

Our lactation consultant is Tatiana Indresik – she is an IBCLC, which is the highest level a lactation assistant can attain. (I told you we have gathered the best of the best!) She also teaches breastfeeding classes and does in-home consultations if any of my clients have any breastfeeding issues.

Belly casting, pregnancy photography, henna belly art, placenta encapsulation….all things to help birthing families every step of the way.

That was all GREAT for my clients…but something was missing. Community. I was lucky enough to be connected to this great network and community of birth professionals and complimentary care….but birthing families also needed community! I noticed that those that had the BEST experience preparing for their homebirth were those who had been referred to me by previous clients. In other words, they already knew someone who had experienced a homebirth and was holding their hand throughout, excited to share in their journey!! I could be excited with them once a month, then every 2 weeks, then every week….but they needed more!

Nurturing Bellies group at NHBS

NURTURING BELLIES AND MOMS! That is when we started our free support groups, and the difference has truly captured the magic I was hoping for when my journey began. I see women having healthier pregnancies and births medically speaking from the care me and my team provide them – but now I see them blossom emotionally through the community of women they are now surrounded by. I see clients on facebook planning swim lesson for their toddlers with other parents of toddlers, many of whom they met through NHBS. I see them having zoo dates, dinner trips…..families whose babies are toddlers but they have kept in touch with each other and bonded through this shared journey. I have seen the turn-around when a newly pregnancy woman nervously ventures into our Nurturing Bellies group (see schedule for upcoming meetings), she is instantly surrounded by love and support and forms a bond with the other women in the group. And the bond is strong…the bond continues long after they are done with US. The circle is complete – they are now as healthy as they can be in ALL aspect.

Another Bellies meeting - Topic this night: birth stories! Snacks are tossed into the center of the group for nibbling...

And my soul is nurtured and touched by seeing the way that families have benefitted from all aspects of care! I truly truly love it!

What’s next for Nurturing Hearts? We just started a new store called the Stork Shop where you can purchase birthing supplies for homebirths (towels, sheets, bowls, etc)!! I’ve dreamed of finding a pediatrician who is like-minded who could come in once or twice a week, although I know that can not happen with the set up we currently have.

HOWEVER, there is one more huge development in the works that I am praying will come to fruitation in the next month or two….so stay tuned! While Nurturing Hearts Birth Services has FAR exceeded any of my wildest expectations, it’s possible that it is about to get better!

What an incredible community I am honored to be a part of. Thank you….


  1. Mallorie wrote:

    I was just thinking of the community of NHBS the other day and I was brought to tears. This post just about sums up everything I was thinking! My husband even commented on the ingenuity of having all of these services together in one place. In the last 7 months, I have come to love Nurturing Hearts. Right away, I was swept up into the arms of a group of caring and compassionate individuals who, working together, created this whole that is far greater than than the sum of it’s parts. And, half of that support comes not from the people I’ve hired for my birth (from whom of course I would expect support) even with as much as they give me, but from the other mothers and parents who are also members of this amazing community NHBS has created. I met 2 amazing mothers who, within minutes of my first meeting, began to support me not just with encouraging words but with true action. And it didn’t matter that their sons will be a year older than mine. They just took me under their wing and called me and helped me and shopped with me for my son. Where else could I find such graciousness? Not even my own family truly understands the decisions we’re making in regards to our birth, and to have an entire group of people who have already taken this path less chosen and have triumphed have inspired me beyond words. These ladies (and not just the 2 I mentioned previously) are amazing. The kindness and tenderness of each and every single one of them have made me a better person, and I know, because of them, I will be a better mom for it. Simply having someone say, “You will do it, and it will be fine” with any and all of my birthing and parenting choices have made all the time and money I’ve spent at NHBS well worth it. Thank you, all of NHBS, Belly mommas, Jessica, and Kelli! Your validation and belief in me have kept me grounded and strong at a time when a pregnant momma needs it the most.

    Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 4:16 pm | Permalink
  2. Jessica wrote:

    When I interviewed Midwives, there were many questions I asked. NONE of the questions said anything about the community I would find at NHBS. Had I known what an experience and community I would find here, it would’ve only made the decision that much easier!

    I cannot imagine my journey into motherhood without the supportive community that I’ve come to know and love here. I find myself planning my schedule around the Mom’s group and play dates with the other Mothers I’ve met through NHBS. I receive the greatest love, encouragement and suggestions from Moms more experienced than I and I find myself wanting to pass the favor on to new Moms I’ve met through this community.

    It is my opinion that EVERY mother should have the kind of village I have found here and I am blessed!

    Monday, June 20, 2011 at 7:35 pm | Permalink
  3. Jenny Brost wrote:

    I’m speechless. So many things went through my mind while reading this particular blog. But I just can’t believe I am on my 4th year as a member of the Nurturing Hearts community! It’s fun to say “I was here when….” 😉 and I remember Stephanie talking about all of the plans she had even before she found this beautiful community space we know and love today.

    Not only have I been blessed to be a part of this vision, but I have seen how through each piece added to the community has expotentially served the greater whole. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it is expanding outward as other spaces are similarily offering more community. THIS is what holistic pregnancy and birth looks like. It takes a village and this is how the village is built.

    It has been an amazing journey so far, and I have no doubt that with Stephanie at the helm, the vision will continue to grow. THIS is how we change the world!!

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 4:59 pm | Permalink

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