While I have told stories of some of the births I have attended…I also concede that I prefer to hear the personal story told by the family that experienced it! The following is just the first of birth stories to come – guest bloggers, if you will…..birth stories and pictures shared by clients of mine about their home births.



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Bella was born today. It wasn’t as easy as it seems. She didn’t just “come” you know? On my due date which was 7/10 I decided to try drinking castor oil. I thought, why not? It worked with Siena so let’s try it again!! It turned into sort of a bad. I labored for 10 hours and labor never progressed. The contractions actually lessened and lessened and then stopped. We met with Stephanie that night and she determined that the baby was not in distress and we were good to go home. The situation made us realize that we just had to wait for our precious little angel to want to come out on her own. Now, I felt ready to wait it out. I spent many hours being impatient and wondering when is she coming and maybe it will be today, only to be disappointed one day after the next. Now, I am ready to just chill out and be patient and wait.

Well, the castor oil didn’t bring a baby, but brought on contractions that I had to endure for the next 6 days until she was born, oh my! As the days wore on the pressure waves became more intense and it got to the point that I couldn’t drive anywhere by myself, etc. On the 14th I went and had my hair done, chopped for the occasion! I was pretty sure at that point that it would be soon.

I went to sleep that night and at around midnight I woke up and decided that I needed help with my contractions. I just couldn’t endure them anymore by myself or at least I didn’t want to. Support felt good and being alone didn’t. So, Charlie woke up. Then we realized that the AC was not working and it was 115 outside during the day (not sure what the night time temperature was, but you get the picture—HOT)! Yay! What on earth are we going to do? Charlie brought me the Hypnobabies CD and I just relaxed on the couch for a while. Charlie found a 24-hour AC repair company online and the guy came out within an hour and had fixed the issue, all while I lay on the couch relaxing through pressure waves listening to Hypnobabies and wondering if this was really it?? Then we called Stephanie and Amanda. I questioned if they would believe me that I was truly in labor. I felt like The Boy who Cried Wolf! So, I just hung out and labored with Charlie walking around the house. For a short time I labored in the tub, which I quickly got out of when Charlie realized the contractions were further apart. I decided it felt good to lay down in the guest room, which is now Bella’s room.

Dad supports mom while midwife Stephanie watches over them

The doulas were magical and wonderful. Tending to my every whim. They were massaging me and making me feel just like a queen. My back labor was intense and they helped with every contraction. I felt I was the luckiest woman alive. Was I alive? Birth brought out my instinctual side. This was real so very real and with every contraction I began wondering how on earth I was going to be able to push out this baby? It was so difficult with Siena. I felt so far away from pushing.

It was now 9am and my sister came by to visit on her way to work. We chatted about houses and foreclosures and such in between contractions (oddly). She had a smile on her face that was comforting and like I said at this point still having a full conversation in between pressure waves. After Gina left at some point I felt the need to stand up. Not because I was uncomfortable where I was, but just because I knew that for the baby to come I needed to walk. So, around the kitchen I went. I walked around the island and then what seemed like minutes the contractions went from ten minutes to two minutes apart and then Amanda is called Stephanie and it seemed I was in transition at this point.

Doula Amanda holds mom with strong arms, supporting her through the final moments

Soon after the phone call, Stephanie and Kate arrived and quietly slipped in and set up their stuff. I was sort of watching them while I was in my own little world spinning in and out of contractions, which now seemed to be one after the next with little to no break and I was thinking, ugh, here it is. The time in which there isn’t anything that can really be done to make it any easier, but the support is so needed at this point. I decided to lay down again not caring whether or not it changed my contractions. I was exhausted and I needed to rest. Everyone followed me into Bella’s room and got me comfortable on the bed. Stephanie really started to shine for me at this point. Her presence was not only necessary, but also essential for me. She really helped me to make the mental transition into pushing. She was directing people. Not in an authoritative way, but in a necessary way. She knew what needed to happen and when and at this point I was willing to listen to any advice.

Then, I moved to my bed and labored and this was very intense. Anyone who has had natural childbirth is familiar with the point at the end right before baby is born where it is very uncomfortable and you can’t help but think this is why people get an epidural! You want to give up because after all drugs are available for a reason and, why do I have to be a super hero? And I can’t do this forever!!

Bella the moment of her birth!

Finally, I surrendered and called for Stephanie and told her I couldn’t stand this anymore and I have to have this baby and I need help. She checked me and she was stopped by the baby’s head in the birth canal! Bella was right there and it was time to push!! Yay, I did it! Finally! Then, I thought “oh my god, how am I going to do this??” I walked from my bedroom to the birthing tub and got in. I decided I didn’t want to push and Stephanie told me that if I didn’t push my body would just birth her on it’s own. I thought “GREAT!! Because I am over this and hours of pushing seems scary to me and I just want my baby to come out now!” Well, about 3 pushes and 15 minutes later she was born into daddy’s hands and then it was all over and I had my baby! I did it!! Wow! Wow. Another natural, unmedicated, homebirth. The cord was very short, so short that I could hardly hold her in my arms. Little did I know this was a sign of things to come! Hee hee! And so, it was, and we were a very happy little family and I was showering in my own shower minutes after birth and was laying in my own bed with my freshly born baby breastfeeding the way nature intended. Bella was born at 1pm and weighed 7lb 9 oz. Happy, healthy and uneventful. Just the way we planned.

The happy family snuggles while baby nurses happily

Midwife beams with joy as Daddy holds his daughter for the first time

Midwive Stephanie does the newborn exam on Bella

Handing daddy the olive oil to put on Bella

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