Welcome to my BLOG! My husband has bothered me for YEARS to start a blog, and even though I love writing I have resisted until now. My reason? Why would anyone want to read what *I* have to say?! But sometimes there’s the desire to speak even if nobody seems to be listening (I have 5 children, so I have ample experience with that!)

If you don’t know who I am…I am Stephanie Soderblom, a midwife in Mesa, AZ. More importantly, I am the proud mother to 5 wonderful children and wife to an amazing man who has been my best friend and the love of my life since 1992.

The evolution of this blog is rather uncertain…I don’t know how many entries will be professional, how many will be personal…but I hope that you find what I have to say entertaining, or maybe even educational. Thank you for giving my blog a chance!