Transparency in Care

You have probably read several times where I have said that this blog is me – uncensored, unedited, transparent.

I have been a part of an ongoing prospective study being conducted by MANA (Midwives Alliance of North America) looking at the outcomes of homebirths. Here is how this study works:
1. one of my clients consents to be part of the study
2. I must enter them (by code number, not by name) into the study. They must be entered before they birth – that way all of my clients are included. We aren’t allowed to pick and choose who is included (thus choosing only the positive outcomes).
3. once the birth has occurred, there are pages and pages of questions I have to answer with regards to the outcome.

So here is me being transparent again…..I will share my current statistics. I am sure that there are midwives out there that have better and worse outcomes, and it’s not about that – I do not restrict who I take (to eliminate first time mothers, for example, as I know some midwives who do), these are the outcomes for the past 2 years of all of my clients. (does not include clients who birthed in the last few months)

First-time mothers: 41.0%
Second+ time mothers: 59.0%

Average age of client: 29 years

Vaginal Births: 96.7%
Homebirth as planned: 93.4%
Waterbirth: 50.8%

Births with intact perineum or just abrasions: 67.2%
Episiotomies:  0

Inductions:  4.9% (note: this figure includes clients who choose to take castor oil, herbs, or want their membranes stripped – this is not hospital inductions)

Male/Female babies: 50%/50%
Average baby weight: 8.2 pounds
Breastfed at 72 hours: 100%

How much more transparent can I be?