Monthly Archives: April 2013

Baby Anela’s Waterbirth

Well, what can I say? It had just turned Thursday, January 17th, around 12:12 a.m. I was 41 weeks very pregnant anticipating her arrival at any moment. My contractions were small but noticeable. I never counted the minutes or timed them at all, but for the most part they were consistent. I knew it was […]

Welcome Dahlia Wahid!

This was my second pregnancy, and what a difference it was! My first was such a breeze with little to no major complaints. I absolutely loved being pregnant! Not to say I didn’t love being pregnant this time, but it was rough, with bad nausea for the first 4 months, horrible fatigue, and my body […]

Faces of Birth

The rising sun the powerful surge in a picture you can not see. The scent of birth the roar of mom A new life is set free. So much a pic can’t capture no matter how hard it tries – but a small glimmer can be seen if you look within their eyes.     […]