Monthly Archives: December 2010

2010 BABIES – a thank you

2010…what a year!! Ups and downs and all around – but that’s one of the joys of midwifery: it’s never boring!! I’d love to take a moment to say thank you to the miraculous moments I have been allowed to take part in this past year. LENA (1/10): You were my first baby of 2010 […]

Lazy Self-Centered Obstetrics

Lazy obstetrics. Self-centered obstetrics. Yes…lazy and self-centered. I believe that many care providers practice this way. I will explain what I mean, and if you recognize yourself in these descriptions and take offense I am sorry – sorry that you practice this way and are sensitive about it, not for my opinion on the matter. […]

It’s a – 10 lb 5 oz BOY!

Who would think that this teeny tiny quiet-spoken redheaded mama…..would end up birthing a 10 pound 5 ounce baby boy in her bathtub? Well…okay, I have to admit we suspected as much. I mean, she did plan a homebirth and she is that type of woman that can and will do anything she puts her […]