Monthly Archives: September 2010

Transparency in Care

You have probably read several times where I have said that this blog is me – uncensored, unedited, transparent. I have been a part of an ongoing prospective study being conducted by MANA (Midwives Alliance of North America) looking at the outcomes of homebirths. Here is how this study works: 1. one of my clients […]

Working together for families? WHY NOT?

I have a lot of respect for physicians – all physicians. Why is that respect not returned, I wonder? My clients have had a few experiences recently that really leave me thumping my head against the wall in frustration – and yeah, I’ll admit it, a little anger. The level of disrespect that is shown […]

Do I trust birth?

I have told many people in my office when they sit down for an interview and say, “I’ve read your blog!” that it’s a little embarrassing…this blog is ME, unfiltered, uncensored, raw.  I don’t edit my posts beyond a spellcheck – I sit down and speak from my heart.  If you read my blog, you […]

A Broken Record (scratched CD?)

After all of these years of helping families birth their precious babies….I have found that there are times that I feel like a broken record. (for those of you reading this who are too young, let me update that saying – I feel like a scratched CD). There are certain things that I have found […]