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~ R E S P E C T ~

Why do we let someone continue to treat us poorly – or, at the very least, not treat us as good as we deserve? We put up with a lot of crap in life and I truly do wonder why that is. Is it because of our own low self-worth? It is some overblown sense […]

Placenta Pills – why do it?

Placenta encapsulation – what’s that? I started learning about placenta encapsulation about 12 years ago (around 1998 if memory serves me correctly) and have seen it be miraculous for some people. Let me back up a bit…what, exactly, IS placenta encapsulation and why would you want to do it? Placenta encapsulation is where the “meat” […]


BREASTFEEDING IS MAKING HEADLINES!!!! ” Breastfeeding Mom Kicked Out Of McDonald’s “ ” Woman kicked off plane for breast-feeding baby “ ” Kicked out for breastfeeding? A St. Paul mother takes issue with the treatment she got at restaurant ” ” Arkansas Woman Kicked Out of Courtroom for Breastfeeding ” ” Breastfeeding Mom Kicked Out […]


I made a decision to risk failing my “Practicum exam” – one of the four required board of exams I had to take in order to obtain my midwifery license. Yep, you read that right!! One of the four exams I had to take to get licensed, one of the exams that I would have […]

Vitamin K Injection and the Newborn

Vitamin K…. So I have been requested to do a blog on Vitamin K injection and the newborn. And here I sit…facing the same ‘problem’ I face every time I try to write an educational blog post: the information has already been written, they won’t learn anything from me that they can’t learn elsewhere, there’s […]