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Have you ever read an amazing story, true or fictional, and been enthralled and thought, “How COOL would that be if that happened to me”? Read biblical stories about the miracles of Jesus and felt a tug at your heart, wondering how it would feel to meet Jesus or to witness these miracles unfolding? (every […]

Thank You Card

I just got the BEST card in the mail – brought tears to my eyes!! It was from a previous client of mine who birthed her baby November 30th, 2009 – and it touched my heart so deeply that I’d love to share it… Kami was pregnant with her 5th baby when she chose us […]


Remember this disclaimer of my telling birth stories. A short while ago I saw a mom blissed out on birthing hormones – and it made me feel both lucky to be witness to such a wonderful moment, but also a bit like an intruder in this family’s private moment. Her labor started with light ‘pressure […]

11 pounds 8 ounces!!

Remember this disclaimer of my telling birth stories. **WARNING: The following pictures are VERY graphic pictures of a baby being born! They are between the legs, nothing censored! :WARNING** These pictures were given to me by the amazing mother so that I could share them with you. While I am keeping her anonymous, it’s impossible […]


OKAY! OKAY! I hear you….I do! You are screaming it…more birth stories!! The thing is that in order for me to share birth stories I need EXPLICIT permission from my client. Well, I don’t need permission to share their births without identifying information – but I require it because I try and give the utmost […]


WARNING:  There is a graphic picture in the middle of this blog post. Some might find it disturbing….you have been warned!!!!  It is a picture of a pregnancy lost at 10 weeks – baby at 8 weeks gestation.  :WARNING I have seen a lot of people who, when they get pregnant, choose to wait until […]