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A 10 pound waterbirth!

WARNING: GRAPHIC I am eternally grateful that we have been given permission by the mother to share the following series of pictures! However, please be warned that the following pictures include graphic images of a baby’s crowning and birth!! Beautiful pictures…amazing pictures….but graphic nonetheless. This little girl was her mama’s first born – born in […]


Your baby is born smart. Sure, you have a lot to teach your baby – how to walk, talk, ABC’s, tie their shoes…but your baby is born super smart! Think about all that your baby is born knowing how to do and it’s impressive! You get your brand new still-wet baby in your arms and […]


I love big, healthy babies! It does baffle me that some care providers are seemingly so afraid of them – and it seems to me that this fear is grossly misdirected. Let me tell you about two babies that I was lucky enough to see enter this world in the last couple of weeks. **** […]

What bugs me….

Why am I not writing more in my blog recently? I’m not sure – I’ve started writing probably 5 different blog posts and end up deleting them because in so many ways it seems like it’s all been written before. I like the posts that I’ve made that are ‘educational’ – explaining inductions, Pitocin, episiotomies, […]


Two of my good friends are currently pregnant and due at the middle/end of this month!! Noelia Waldo (former midwifery student of mine at NHBS) and Rose Day (teaches the childbirth classes at NHBS, trains doulas/childbirth educators, as well as does belly casts). I have known these women for years – so it was my […]

Group B Strep

As we have learned more about GBS through the years, I have found that this page  from Evidence Based Birth is a fantastic and informative page to get up to date information on GBS testing and risks.  Please read this page as well as below for concise information.   FACTS ABOUT GROUP B STREP (GBS) * […]