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Being a Midwife

What does being a midwife mean to me? That sounds like the start of a high school English paper. “What does being a midwife mean to me”? But I think that’s a rather profound question to ask someone! Think about it…ask yourself, “What does being a mother mean to me?” “What does being a man […]


We are spoiled in this country – and we are control freaks. (ouch…what a way to start off a blog post) Think about our typical lifestyle – air conditioning, flat screen televisions, computers with internet, prepackaged foods fill our pantries, at least one car…and these are common even in those considered “underprivileged”. Many have PDA’s […]

Leadership Lessons

“Being the first follower is an under appreciated form of leadership.” Please watch this youtube video – you will notice it has nothing to do with birth.  It has to do with leadership, followers, creating a movement…. Or maybe it does have something to do with birth! See, this video can be many things to […]

Disappointing Homebirth

I received my first request for a blog topic this week…and I’m finding it near impossible to write. Anyone that knows me would say that I’m NEVER at a loss for words (and a quick glance at my previous posts would prove their point), and yet I’ve stared at this stupid blank MSWord page for […]


What is the definition of “bully”? According to Webster’s dictionary, a bully is “A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.” Usually when we think of a bully we think of a rather large boy on a playground of an elementary school….at least, that’s what we think of first. […]


I realized that, after 14 years of attending births, I have several little “tricks” that I regularly tell my clients…and have learned some things that I think some birth professionals might like to know about!   While I will be sharing my ideas and experiences and such here with you, I WELCOME all of your […]


I love obstetricians. Sometimes I think midwives get a bad deal when it comes to our image. I won’t speak for all midwives with this post…but I will speak for myself. Let me make this clear – I am NOT anti-doctor, I am not anti-hospital, I am not anti-intervention. Please read that sentence again….thank you. […]


Have you ever heard of a Monday morning quarterback? The definition, according to, is “a person who, after the event, offers advice or criticism concerning decisions made by others; one who second-guesses”. There’s another saying that goes hand-in-hand with it….”Hindsight is 20/20” Before I had children, I was the perfect parent! I truly was! […]

24 hours of Midwifery

In the future I know that I will share many stories of births…experiences that families have generously shared with me – I will be sharing them with you when I’ve received permission. Until then, I would like to tell you birth stories from the midwife’s point of view. No, I’m not going to talk about […]

DAY 2 – do midwives have a life?

Yesterday I wrote my “welcome” message for my blog…and as I read it over today and considered what I wanted my blog to be about, I was struck by the line at the end that I, myself, wrote…” I don’t know how many entries will be professional, how many will be personal…” Why did that […]