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A Mother Shares a Prenatal Visit and Birth Story

Tracie Halliday is an extraordinary mother who invited us to assist her along the journey of her pregnancy back in 2010. Unknown to me, she blogged about her experience during a typical prenatal visit with us….. She shares in her own words what the prenatal care at NHBS is like…including pictures…. A TYPICAL PRENATAL VISIT […]

Lisa shares her birth of Everett

Stephanie, I would love for you to share Everett’s birth story in your blog. I originally started having contractions on Wed, March 9th. They were pretty easy and I could talk through them, so I went to work. We even went to our doula’s Bradley class that night for a refresher on signposts in labor […]

Missed it by THAT much! (Maylee’s birth)

Stephanie, I would love for you to use Maylee’s birth story on your blog! Amy In 2007 My husband and I lost our daughter Daisy (she was stillborn) and then had 2 years of infertility. It looked like our childbearing days might be over and I was so grateful to have my 2 older children. […]

Loss….and a blessing. Welcome Lilly!

The following birth story was written and shared by Katie Miller – an NHBS client who endured a devastating miscarriage followed by a triumphant pregnancy and birth. Thank you to the Miller family for sharing their story with all of us!! ********************* My husband, Jon, and I decided that we were ready to have kids […]

Elizabetta’s Birth (in the hospital)

Thank you to Megan DiFalco for sharing the original birth story (by allowing us to be there) as well as her written story of her first baby – a sweet little girl named Elizabetta that was born March 22, 2011 (Happy birthday sweetheart….!!) Enjoy her story in her own words! * * * * * […]

2011 – my deepest thank you

Today, the last day of the year, is always my day of reflection. I look back at all of the births of the previous year – reliving the triumphs, double questioning the disappointments, always feeling infinitely grateful for having been a part of each of these families special days. And, as I did last year, […]

Karen’s Homebirth Experience

Karen had her first baby at a hospital and wanted something different for her second baby. She contacted NHBS and we fell in love with her immediately and were honored to be present when she birthed her second baby at home. This is her story in her words… (thank you, Karen, for sharing your story […]

Welcome Eliana! 10 pounds 10 ounces!

How do you put an experience that moves you to our soul…down in mere words?  How can I possibly convey the way my heart felt, the strength and power in the room, the atmosphere and the miracle that unfolded before my eyes? I can’t.  I have to accept that to move on with this blog […]


There’s something special about a baby being born “in the caul”….meaning, the amniotic sac remains intact until baby is most or all of the way born. Cultures all around the world have things to say about babies born in the caul – all of them special and good! (babies will have a blessed life, they […]

Welcome Earthside Baby Memphis!

All births are special…beautiful…sacred. However, while some bring a tear to your eye, others make you cry tears that seem to pour out from your soul. This was shared by the parents, Caitlin and Joe – it is the story of their first baby Memphis’ birth – he was born in the middle of a […]