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Goodbye Kate

This birth story is about a sweet little 5 pound 5.5 ounce girl named Kate. It’s also about her parents and their journey. But mostly it’s about me, and I want to be up front about that. This birth story is written from my point of view and it’s mostly about me. How I felt, […]

Happy Birthday Conlan!

As told by his mother….here is Conlan’s birth story!  Thank you Shauna for sharing your special day with everyone! (but especially us!) * * * * * * I woke up Sunday morning, the 10th of June, around 7:00 am with a pressure wave. For the duration of the day I was getting pressure waves […]

Baby Anela’s Waterbirth

Well, what can I say? It had just turned Thursday, January 17th, around 12:12 a.m. I was 41 weeks very pregnant anticipating her arrival at any moment. My contractions were small but noticeable. I never counted the minutes or timed them at all, but for the most part they were consistent. I knew it was […]

Welcome Dahlia Wahid!

This was my second pregnancy, and what a difference it was! My first was such a breeze with little to no major complaints. I absolutely loved being pregnant! Not to say I didn’t love being pregnant this time, but it was rough, with bad nausea for the first 4 months, horrible fatigue, and my body […]

Faces of Birth

The rising sun the powerful surge in a picture you can not see. The scent of birth the roar of mom A new life is set free. So much a pic can’t capture no matter how hard it tries – but a small glimmer can be seen if you look within their eyes.     […]

Finley’s Birth Story – challenges and triumphs

I have many birth stories on my blog…most of which were written from my point of view. That’s all fine and good, but as you know from reading my blog (I’m sure) – obviously I have a deep passion for what I do and that is going to skew my perspective in telling the stories. […]

Sierra shares: Birth Story of Monte

Montgomery Shane January 19th, 2013, 9:13am 7lbs 4oz 19 ½” I believe in love at first site. My second birth was vastly different from my first, which had involved multiple interventions (epidural, vacuum, episiotomy, manual extraction) and violated my birth plan in so many ways. With my first child I spent the entire pregnancy allowing […]

Birth as a Force of Nature – Kelli shares her homebirth

This is the every detail, bring you into the moment with me version of my birth story. If you just want the gist of it just look through the pictures and it goes like this. I chose a homebirth for safety reasons and deeply trusted my midwife’s skills. After 12 hours of rhythmic pre-labor felt […]

Melanie has a homebirth – for baby #2

  Melanie had a hospital birth for her first baby….but decided to try something different for her second – a homebirth with NHBS! Melanie’s birth story Here, Melanie shares her experience – including some beautiful pictures.  Here’s a preview… Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share via MySpace share via Reddit Share […]

Yani Shares: Two Hospital Births – One Homebirth

I give Stephanie Soderblom permission to share this and whatever pictures I have sent her on her blog. This is long and I’m sorry for that but I wanted to share my experience with hospital births to show how I came to decide on having a home birth. My first two births were in a […]