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Arizona Newborn Screens (formerly PKU test)

There is a test that will be offered to your baby called the “Newborn Screen” – whether your baby is born at home or in a hospital or birthing center, this test will be offered to your baby. Some people mistakenly call it the “PKU test”….the reason that is a mistake is that PKU (phenylketonuria) […]

Vitamin K Injection and the Newborn

Vitamin K…. So I have been requested to do a blog on Vitamin K injection and the newborn. And here I sit…facing the same ‘problem’ I face every time I try to write an educational blog post: the information has already been written, they won’t learn anything from me that they can’t learn elsewhere, there’s […]

Group B Strep

FACTS ABOUT GROUP B STREP (GBS) * Routine screening for GBS on all pregnant women became the standard in 2002. * There are two types of GBS infection in the newborn – early onset (occurs before 7 days of life), and late onset (occurs after 7 days of life). The rate of each occurring is […]