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Group B Strep

As we have learned more about GBS through the years, I have found that this page  from Evidence Based Birth is a fantastic and informative page to get up to date information on GBS testing and risks.  Please read this page as well as below for concise information.   FACTS ABOUT GROUP B STREP (GBS) * […]

Pit of Despair

Pitocin – a very useful drug that improved obstetrics and gave us options to help women in ways we weren’t able to before! Pitocin – a very seductive drug that changed obstetrics, increasing risks to mothers and babies in ways that are often not even taken into consideration. Both of these statements are true – […]

Getting in our own way

Because of my passion for pregnancy, birth, babies, breastfeeding, families…and everything else involved in this ‘job’ of mine…many of my blog posts tend to be long-winded as I try so hard to explain different concepts and make it so that it’s understandable. This is actually a stumbling block for me! There are many topics that […]


In this country (US), we pride ourselves on our “innocent until proven guilty” justice system. Why? Because the direction of the burden of proof makes an ENORMOUS difference in approach, fairness, and focus. If we assume you’re guilty, then we really aren’t in the mood to listen to what you have to say (after all, […]

So you want to be a midwife….?

I regularly get approached by women who tell me, “I want to become a midwife…what should I do? I don’t know where to start…” So you want to become a midwife! Admitting that you have a problem is a great first step. (in case it’s less obvious in print, that’s a joke – so you […]

Being a Midwife

What does being a midwife mean to me? That sounds like the start of a high school English paper. “What does being a midwife mean to me”? But I think that’s a rather profound question to ask someone! Think about it…ask yourself, “What does being a mother mean to me?” “What does being a man […]

Moment of Birth

I think we midwives can do too much at births. There, I’ve said it, I’ve come out and admitted it. I think we often do too much at births. I don’t mean during the labor (although I think some are guilty of ‘doing’ too much then, too)….I mean at the actual birth, the moment when […]


We are spoiled in this country – and we are control freaks. (ouch…what a way to start off a blog post) Think about our typical lifestyle – air conditioning, flat screen televisions, computers with internet, prepackaged foods fill our pantries, at least one car…and these are common even in those considered “underprivileged”. Many have PDA’s […]


‘There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.’ – Mark Twain I’ve heard some really ridiculous things in my years attending births (and there’s even a website someone else has devoted to ridiculous things that have been heard called “my OB said what??”). I’ve had a doctor – an OB – hold […]


“We have made the hospitals so much more home-like now…there is no reason for someone not to want to come to the hospital.” While I have another post which gushes about why I love hospitals and OB’s and I love having someplace to take my clients when they are NOT healthy or when they have […]