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Magic Umbilical Cords

I am amazed by just about everything having to do with birth….mothers, the creation of babies from a sperm and egg, the childbirth process, the placenta, the umbilical cord… Aaahhhh….that umbilical cord. That magical connection that grows life. It filters, it provides, it knows when to start and it knows when baby no longer needs […]


There’s something special about a baby being born “in the caul”….meaning, the amniotic sac remains intact until baby is most or all of the way born. Cultures all around the world have things to say about babies born in the caul – all of them special and good! (babies will have a blessed life, they […]


Image may not be everything….but it’s a lot. What is image but perception and impression of an individual or group without personal intimate knowledge of them? There is, in my opinion, a very definite misperception and misimpression of midwifery as a profession, and I think that is one of the key points at the heart […]

A Father’s Journey

I think that fathers are given a raw deal today when it comes to the birth of their babies. Don’t get me wrong, I think that we are WORLDS ahead of the times when fathers were shuffled into the waiting room to pace and await word that their wife had birthed their baby and that […]

When to Push??

“How will I know when to push?” Okay, so I know that many of my clients read this blog – heck, some of you chose to hire me BECAUSE of this blog! And I am sorry, but many of you will recognize yourself in this particular blog post and think I’m speaking directly and specifically […]

~ R E S P E C T ~

Why do we let someone continue to treat us poorly – or, at the very least, not treat us as good as we deserve? We put up with a lot of crap in life and I truly do wonder why that is. Is it because of our own low self-worth? It is some overblown sense […]


BREASTFEEDING IS MAKING HEADLINES!!!! ” Breastfeeding Mom Kicked Out Of McDonald’s “ ” Woman kicked off plane for breast-feeding baby “ ” Kicked out for breastfeeding? A St. Paul mother takes issue with the treatment she got at restaurant ” ” Arkansas Woman Kicked Out of Courtroom for Breastfeeding ” ” Breastfeeding Mom Kicked Out […]

Birth Perfectionists

Disappointment in a birth experience comes in a variety of disguises….but today I’d like to talk about one of the most insidious types that, well – if I’m to be honest then I have to admit that I’m not sure what I can do about it! I would love suggestions, however…. Mainstream childbirth is scary […]


WARNING:  There is a graphic picture in the middle of this blog post. Some might find it disturbing….you have been warned!!!!  It is a picture of a pregnancy lost at 10 weeks – baby at 8 weeks gestation.  :WARNING I have seen a lot of people who, when they get pregnant, choose to wait until […]


Your baby is born smart. Sure, you have a lot to teach your baby – how to walk, talk, ABC’s, tie their shoes…but your baby is born super smart! Think about all that your baby is born knowing how to do and it’s impressive! You get your brand new still-wet baby in your arms and […]