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EPISIOTOMIES (or “things that make my vagina want to suck up into my body”)

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES! Episiotomy…one of the few words in my field that truly makes my stomach flip. Simply put, an episiotomy is when a surgical cut is performed with scissors to the perineum (area between the vagina and anus) during the birth of a baby. My stomach flips just writing that…think about it! We’re talking […]

INDUCTION OF LABOR – is it for you or your baby?

Alright everyone…lets talk about inductions! What a big topic to tackle, and as I sit here I wonder what aspect I should take on. Reasons? Types? Risks? Statistics of…rates…history of….(it’s a huge topic!) Let’s just start at the beginning and see how far we get. With such a huge topic I will attempt to make […]


I was requested by more than a couple of people to do a post on Cesareans – and since currently AT LEAST 32% of women birthing in this country can expect a cesarean, I think it’s a very relevant topic. So…let’s see if I’m up for the task! I have been to more than a […]

So you want to be a midwife….?

I regularly get approached by women who tell me, “I want to become a midwife…what should I do? I don’t know where to start…” So you want to become a midwife! Admitting that you have a problem is a great first step. (in case it’s less obvious in print, that’s a joke – so you […]

Placenta Membranacea

I love placentas. No really…I do! I love placentas and think they are the closest thing to magical that we have on this earth. That little organ that is capable of doing more for life support for that little baby than an entire building filled with most advanced equipment there is! I think it’s a […]


Internal cervical exams….a rant. Okay, so I know I’m about to get a whole slew of doctors upset at me – but you know what? I’m big…I can take it. Lets start at the beginning…not the beginning of the pregnancy, but the beginning of the debate over internal exams which starts at around 36-38 weeks […]