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Having an AWESOME hospital birth!

I worked as a doula doing mostly hospital births for many many years (around the range of 12 years). I saw many women go into the hospital wanting as natural of a birth as possible – and I saw some mothers come away triumphant and others come away defeated. While births are always unique and […]


Our first pregnancy is so magical, draped in mystery and the unknown…and if we pay close attention it can teach us so much about ourselves and even about life. I was a childbirth educator and doula before I ever became pregnant for the first time and I was surprised at how much I learned with […]

Lazy Self-Centered Obstetrics

Lazy obstetrics. Self-centered obstetrics. Yes…lazy and self-centered. I believe that many care providers practice this way. I will explain what I mean, and if you recognize yourself in these descriptions and take offense I am sorry – sorry that you practice this way and are sensitive about it, not for my opinion on the matter. […]

Labor at home as long as possible??

I’m in a rather spunky mood today, ready to ask some challenging questions for my fellow obstetrical care providers (as well as hopefully getting a couple of wheels spinning in the minds of expectant parents contemplating birth in the near future).  This post isn’t going to entertain you with beautiful pictures, or clever images to […]


Today I attended the Az Birth Network’s conference – and had a great time! Just the day before yesterday I attended the annual midwifery conference that Sue DiSilvestro puts on every year…and it, too, was amazing. What was so incredible to me wasn’t what was taught – I can read so if there’s something I […]

Transparency in Care

You have probably read several times where I have said that this blog is me – uncensored, unedited, transparent. I have been a part of an ongoing prospective study being conducted by MANA (Midwives Alliance of North America) looking at the outcomes of homebirths. Here is how this study works: 1. one of my clients […]

Working together for families? WHY NOT?

I have a lot of respect for physicians – all physicians. Why is that respect not returned, I wonder? My clients have had a few experiences recently that really leave me thumping my head against the wall in frustration – and yeah, I’ll admit it, a little anger. The level of disrespect that is shown […]

A Broken Record (scratched CD?)

After all of these years of helping families birth their precious babies….I have found that there are times that I feel like a broken record. (for those of you reading this who are too young, let me update that saying – I feel like a scratched CD). There are certain things that I have found […]


Have you ever read an amazing story, true or fictional, and been enthralled and thought, “How COOL would that be if that happened to me”? Read biblical stories about the miracles of Jesus and felt a tug at your heart, wondering how it would feel to meet Jesus or to witness these miracles unfolding? (every […]

Thank You Card

I just got the BEST card in the mail – brought tears to my eyes!! It was from a previous client of mine who birthed her baby November 30th, 2009 – and it touched my heart so deeply that I’d love to share it… Kami was pregnant with her 5th baby when she chose us […]