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2011 – my deepest thank you

Today, the last day of the year, is always my day of reflection. I look back at all of the births of the previous year – reliving the triumphs, double questioning the disappointments, always feeling infinitely grateful for having been a part of each of these families special days. And, as I did last year, […]

Holiday Midwife

There are times when I feel like my clients know me way better than they have any need to simply because of this blog of mine. And there are other times when I am baffled and want to say, “Um, have you not READ my blog?” even though I know that they have. We are […]


There are a lot of common myths that I hear regularly as a midwife – common enough I thought I’d toss a blog post out addressing them! Some are funny, some have a basis in truth…but some can be dangerous. 1. PREGNANT WOMEN ARE FRAGILE AND NEED TO RESTRICT ACTIVITIES: Don’t run, don’t jump, don’t […]


If you are currently pregnant or have had a baby in the past….the word transition takes on a whole new meaning. For most women this is the ‘big scary’ – the part of the labor that so many women fear so deeply that they plan to offer up their veins and their spine to prevent […]


I know…there are “lies, damned lies, and statistics” (according to Mark Twain) and I have previously written a blog post about what is considered “low risk” vs “high risk” and statistics related to that.. But this blog post I want to get people thinking about what they read in a different and more critical way. […]


CNM vs CPM – is one better? I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts and Facebook messages and such lately being critical of non-nurse midwifery – and when I see the same topic over and over again it usually means I’m meant to write a blog post about it. First lets start with some […]

My Job?

Life and death. In good times my job is the most joyous…and in bad times it can truly suck. This morning I attended a beautiful birth in this family’s bedroom. Just 2 years prior I had attended the birth of their first baby, a daughter. With the rising of the sun, a baby (gender not […]


I have the coolest clients and community around me. That is a fact – don’t try and argue this point as I don’t care WHAT you say, I know it’s true – I have the most amazing clients and professionals around me! So there! WHY do I have the privilege of having the community around […]

Having an AWESOME hospital birth!

I worked as a doula doing mostly hospital births for many many years (around the range of 12 years). I saw many women go into the hospital wanting as natural of a birth as possible – and I saw some mothers come away triumphant and others come away defeated. While births are always unique and […]


Our first pregnancy is so magical, draped in mystery and the unknown…and if we pay close attention it can teach us so much about ourselves and even about life. I was a childbirth educator and doula before I ever became pregnant for the first time and I was surprised at how much I learned with […]