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“I was stupid…” “I thought I could trust her…” “I mean, I deserved it because I didn’t know better…” “We just didn’t know…” When I meet a writer, I will usually share with them that I wrote a fantasy novel many years ago. When I meet a skydiver, I will share with them that I […]

“We often fear what we don’t understand….”

“We often fear what we do not understand; our best defense is knowledge.” – Tuvok (Star Trek: Voyager) “In time we hate that which we often fear.”  -William Shakespeare   As I look historically at childbirth in our country, I think the biggest question that screams in my head is, “Why did we START going […]

Welcome back….

I’m baaaaack!!! After many years of keeping quiet and to myself, I’ve decided to once again share my thoughts and experiences and let you all look through the window that is my world. I am returning to what my blog was originally – a place to share my midwifery birth stories (ALWAYS with explicit permission […]

A Lonely Midwife

Midwifery can be a very lonely job. Most people would never guess this truth, and you might never guess that this might be the case by merely viewing our lives and lifestyles from the outside….but that can only serve to make it lonelier. I actually wrote a very long blog post related to the dichotomy […]

Goodbye Kate – her mom tells her story

Months ago I shared my experience with baby Kate’s birth (and death)…if you missed it, you can read my version of her birth story here.. Goodbye Kate   Kate’s mother promised to share her baby’s birth story herself – taking the time she needed to process it in her own way, she finally arrived at […]


Every year, as New Years Eve grows close, I enjoy taking time to ponder the previous years events – especially the babies whose births I have been privileged to witness. Every baby that’s allowed me to be present as they opened their eyes in this world for the first time, taken their first breath, enjoyed […]

AZ Midwives – Scope of Practice

Background: Arizona midwives are in transition right now – where the state of midwifery ends up at the end of this transition will affect thousands of mothers, fathers, and their babies for so many years to come. Arizona has had licensed midwives since 1978 (yes, they have only been legally recognized for 35 years) and […]

Thank you letter to 2012 babies!!

Welcome to the first year of 2013!! What a year we are wrapping up – ups and downs and all arounds it seems. I am so grateful to all of the babies who we have seen slip earthside and would like to take a moment to reflect on each baby’s unique story. Thank you to […]

My Midwifery Demon

Midwife – that word is one of the craziest words I know. What does it mean to be a midwife? I’ve written many blog posts about all of the blessings I feel having such an incredibly important responsibility as well as how I feel about the highest of compliments…the gift…the honor…of being asked to attend […]

A Midwife’s Husband

It’s 2:13am when my phone starts to ring. It only rings once before I have answered it, “Hello?” “Hi….it’s (husband of a client)….my wife is started having contractions a couple of hours ago and her water just broke.” It takes less than 7 minutes for me to ask the questions I need to ask (What […]