What is stripping membranes? Inside the uterus, there are membranes (the “bag of water”) that run from baby’s belly – down the umbilical cord- across the placental plate – and around the border of the inside of the uterus. Inside the membranes are baby and amniotic fluid. These membranes are ‘sticky stuck’ with a […]

A Lonely Midwife

Midwifery can be a very lonely job. Most people would never guess this truth, and you might never guess that this might be the case by merely viewing our lives and lifestyles from the outside….but that can only serve to make it lonelier. I actually wrote a very long blog post related to the dichotomy […]


I’ll admit it – I’m a fan of those “top 10” lists that you see on Reddit and I’ve even taken some of those “which character from show _____ are you?” quizzes to see if who I think I am matches up to the quiz. I find those kinds of sites to be mildly entertaining […]

Goodbye Kate – her mom tells her story

Months ago I shared my experience with baby Kate’s birth (and death)…if you missed it, you can read my version of her birth story here.. Goodbye Kate   Kate’s mother promised to share her baby’s birth story herself – taking the time she needed to process it in her own way, she finally arrived at […]


Every year, as New Years Eve grows close, I enjoy taking time to ponder the previous years events – especially the babies whose births I have been privileged to witness. Every baby that’s allowed me to be present as they opened their eyes in this world for the first time, taken their first breath, enjoyed […]

Goodbye Kate

This birth story is about a sweet little 5 pound 5.5 ounce girl named Kate. It’s also about her parents and their journey. But mostly it’s about me, and I want to be up front about that. This birth story is written from my point of view and it’s mostly about me. How I felt, […]

3 sisters – 1 sister-in-law

It was 5:45am and I should have been sleeping. Instead, I was sitting on a bedroom floor with a large container of coffee that was having a hard time keeping up with my level of fatigue. It was still dark outside, but light was creeping out to the east and I knew that dawn was […]

Happy Birthday Conlan!

As told by his mother….here is Conlan’s birth story!  Thank you Shauna for sharing your special day with everyone! (but especially us!) * * * * * * I woke up Sunday morning, the 10th of June, around 7:00 am with a pressure wave. For the duration of the day I was getting pressure waves […]

Baby Anela’s Waterbirth

Well, what can I say? It had just turned Thursday, January 17th, around 12:12 a.m. I was 41 weeks very pregnant anticipating her arrival at any moment. My contractions were small but noticeable. I never counted the minutes or timed them at all, but for the most part they were consistent. I knew it was […]

Welcome Dahlia Wahid!

This was my second pregnancy, and what a difference it was! My first was such a breeze with little to no major complaints. I absolutely loved being pregnant! Not to say I didn’t love being pregnant this time, but it was rough, with bad nausea for the first 4 months, horrible fatigue, and my body […]